It doesn’t take much to cause frustration with our appearance. If we see fine lines and wrinkles, we know that more are to come. If our facial skin is prone to acne breakouts, we may feel as if we’re fighting a never-ending battle for beauty. From age spots to scars to sun damage and acne, microneedling treatment holds a lot of promise. Here, we point out some of the improvements that can come from this nonsurgical, minimally-invasive procedure.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling treatments are categorized as collagen induction therapy. This is because each treatment stimulates a prolonged period of collagen production in the dermis. Collagen is the protein that heals cuts and scrapes. It is also what helps the skin stay firm and resilient. The body’s production of collagen slows down significantly in early adulthood. After that point, the body continues to use up what has been stored, leaving very little to maintain firm, thick skin later in life.

Microneedling treatment keeps the production of collagen humming along. It works by creating tiny puncture wounds in the upper layers of the skin. Although the punctures close up within a few hours, the body sees them as wounds and sends an abundance of collagen to the area for healing. This healing response involves not only collagen but increased blood circulation through the skin, bringing growth factors, oxygen, and nutrients to the area for profound tissue remodeling.

The influx of collagen after microneedling treatments works to:

  • Reduce scars. Pock marks from acne and other dermatologic injuries can be smoothed through microneedling. In this situation, the rigid scar tissue is mechanically broken down by the tiny needles, then new collagen is sent to the area to backfill the depression. Raised scars respond well to microneedling as well.
  • Minimize wrinkles. We develop fine lines and wrinkles because, without large amounts of collagen and elastin, the skin thins and weakens. It loses its ability to bounce back from stretching and the pull of gravity. Microneedling can fortify the skin against these cosmetic conditions by maintaining a sufficient foundation of collagen beneath the epidermis.
  • Correct sun damage. Spots and redness can result from years of unprotected sun exposure. Damage from UV light can also make the skin look generally dull and feel rough. The collagen remodeling that occurs after each microneedling treatment breaks apart pigmented particles and replaces the surface cells with fresh, new, healthy skin cells.

If your skin could use a boost, contact our Salt Lake City med spa at (385) 388-8600. Microneedling may be the ideal treatment option for you!

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