Your face is often what people first notice about you. They may notice your smile and then your skin. Unfortunately, both of these features are notorious for giving away age. Depending on the extent of tissue laxity and wrinkles, our facial contours can even make us look older than our biological age. At Imago Medical Spa in Murray, Utah, we help clients regain their youthful skin with treatments designed around their unique needs. One of our popular treatments is Forever Young BBL™ by Sciton. Here, we discuss why it is worth your consideration if you’re looking to revive your youthful appearance.

What Is Forever Young BBL?

The Forever Young BBL is an innovative laser system that addresses multiple signs of aging simultaneously. It does so by stimulated activity at the molecular level. Its technology differs from ablative and nonablative lasers, making it a one-of-a-kind anti-aging solution.

Benefits Of Forever Young BBL Treatments

  • Multifaceted tissue improvement. The effects of BBL occur deep within the skin, which means it can address multiple concerns at once. Common issues treated with this technology include age spots, rosacea, sun damage, facial veins, and coarse hair.
  • Address the root cause of aging. Forever Young BBL doesn’t just break up hyperpigmentation, visible blood vessels, and damaged skin cells; it works on the very DNA expression that builds the foundation of the skin. By altering the expression of genes, this BBL treatment has been shown to reverse cellular aging. It’s not just an anti-aging solution but can actually slow down the progress of cosmetic aging in the treatment area when repeated periodically.
  • Anyone, anywhere, anytime. Forever Young BBL treatments are so versatile and gentle that they can be appropriate for people in their 20s as much as for people in their 70s. Treatment is not limited to the correction of facial aging, either. This comfortable procedure can be performed on the neck, chest, arms, and hands, too.
  • No recovery. People aren’t just looking for non-surgical facial rejuvenation options, they also want treatments that don’t require them to take much time out of their busy schedule. Forever Young BBL fits the bill. While a series of treatments is usually recommended (how many depends on every person’s goals), there is no need for downtime. After treatment, the skin may be slightly red for a short time, but this usually does not interfere with normal activities.

At Imago Medical Spa, we listen to each client to fully understand their needs and goals. Every treatment is recommended according to our objective of achieving the best outcome. To learn more about Forever Young BBL or our other services, contact us at (385) 388-8600.

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