Our hormones are involved in nearly every physiological function and process. As we get older and experience different stages of life, our hormones shift. Sometimes, as during pregnancy, these shifts are temporary. Sometimes, as in middle-age, they are permanent. This is true for all people, though the ways in which hormone changes occur may affect every person slightly differently. Some of the symptoms of hormone dysregulation can be pretty unpleasant. In recent years, we’ve begun hearing how bioidentical hormone therapy can help adults successfully manage their hormonal health. Here, we discuss what bioidentical hormone therapy looks like and a few signs that this treatment may be ideal for you.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Our bioidentical hormone therapy is a minimally invasive treatment in which tiny pellets are painlessly inserted beneath the skin (thanks to local anesthetic). Pellets are about the size of a grain of rice, and are made of precise hormones that are released steadily as the body needs them. Because pellets gradually release hormones, this form of hormone therapy works similarly to natural hormone distribution through the body for optimal function. Gradual release and use of hormones mean fewer risks of side effects. The term bioidentical is also integral to the appeal of this treatment. Bioidentical hormones are synthetically made to match the chemical structure of naturally-produced hormones. They are derived from plants, not animal sources.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy May Be Right For You If . . .

  • You are experiencing the symptoms of hormone imbalance. There are several ways in which hormone dysregulation may manifest into physical symptoms. Examples include low libido, irritability, anxiety, depression, poor memory, weight gain, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, and insomnia.
  • You prefer natural therapies. One of the factors that separate bioidentical hormones from other forms of hormone replacement therapy is that there are no artificial ingredients. The hormones are made to mimic those that the body produces naturally, and they dissolve over time.
  • You want ease and convenience. Pellets are inserted by a doctor or nurse every four to six months. Each time, pellets are inserted into the alternate upper buttocks. After a brief time of wearing a patch over the insertion area, there is no special care or instructions. There are no gels, pills, creams, or patches to apply every day.
  • You want fewer side effects. Bioidentical hormone pellets release hormones as your body needs them. This is just like the body naturally makes and processes hormones, so there are fewer adverse side effects like unwanted hair growth or nausea. Because the product is not topically applied, there is no risk of skin irritation. Because hormones are absorbed through fatty and muscle tissue, there are few risks of nausea or upset stomach.

If you’re dealing with symptoms associated with hormonal decline, bioidentical hormone therapy may be an excellent remedy. To learn more, contact IMAGO in Murray, UT at (385) 388-8600.

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