Well-being is an important topic of discussion that is often cut short. You can have optimal wellness, but you must first understand the many facets involved in getting it. Your general doctor may ask about your stress levels, your diet, and your exercise habits. They may never ask about your intimate life. According to research, sexual wellness is integral to a life well-lived. Not because you get more pleasure in your years, but because your sex life affects many other areas, including general health and relationships. We are incredibly proud to be the only medical spa in Utah to offer some of the latest treatments for sexual wellness. Contact us at (385) 388-8600 today to schedule your visit where you can discover more about the exclusive treatments our talented team offers.

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What Exactly Is Sexual Wellness?

Sexual wellness is the area of general wellness that involves your emotional and physical state as it pertains to intimacy and sex. For example, how you feel about sex is an indicator of your sexual wellness. How comfortable you are talking about sex with your partner, and how you feel about your body are also aspects of sexual wellness. Then, of course, there is your sexual performance. Do you have a healthy libido? Do you orgasm more often than not? These are questions you can ask to better understand where you stand in the area of sexual wellness.

Are you unsure about your sexual wellness and how it may be affecting your life and relationship? At Imago Medical Spa in Murray, Utah, sexual wellness is one of our primary areas of focus. We understand the value of a robust sex life and we know how to help you reclaim that for yourself. Contact us at (385) 388-8600 today to schedule your visit where you can discover more about the exclusive treatments we offer.

Why Is Sexual Wellness Important?

It’s easy to put sexual wellness into a box that you separate from the rest of your life. This isn’t how it works. Your sexual wellness is about pleasure, yes, but also about emotional intimacy, confidence, communication, and so much more. Studies indicate that couples who prioritize sexual intimacy alongside a thriving friendship with one another live longer and feel more fulfilled as they age.

What Can I Do To Improve My Sexual Wellness?

A healthy lifestyle that includes intentional dietary habits, stress management, sufficient rest and exercise, and relational awareness can do a lot for your sexual wellness. That said, biological changes are beyond your control. At some point, you may benefit from treatment aimed at addressing specific concerns. For women, common problems that affect sexual wellness include loss of vaginal lubrication, painful sexual intercourse, and low libido. Men may encounter problems such as erectile dysfunction and low libido. At Imago, we focus on two primary areas, aesthetics and sexual wellness. Our sexual wellness packages have been developed to improve intimacy using modalities not found anywhere else in Utah.

If you are struggling with aspects of your intimate health, know that you’re not alone. Contact us to discuss how clinical treatments may help. Options available in our comfortable, private medical spa include:

  • FormaV vaginal rejuvenation using controlled radiofrequency energy.
  • GAINSWave treatment for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and optimal sexual health.
  • FemiWave non-invasive feminine rejuvenation using controlled shockwaves.
  • Platinum Male Enhancement, a non-surgical treatment to increase girth by nearly an inch!
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women.

Can Improved Sexual Wellness Improve My Overall Health?

The conversation around sexual wellness does not occur in a vacuum. There is more to this area of health than STI protection and contraception. Much more. In the grand scheme of health, sexual wellness involves self-awareness, relational awareness, consent, communication, and pleasure. In the realm of pleasure alone, research points out several benefits of a healthy sex life. The shortlist includes better sleep, stress management, dermatologic health, natural pain relief through the release of endorphins, a lower risk of anxiety, and even a reduced risk of cardiovascular issues (especially in older adults). If you improve your sexual wellness, you enhance nearly every other area of your life.

Is It More Challenging To Maintain Sexual Wellness As I Age?

Sexual wellness is complex. As you age, your physiology makes it more difficult to maintain passion and pleasure. Your physical responses to sexual stimulation are altered by age. Other factors can also disrupt sexual wellness, including stress, illness, trauma, depression, body image, and more. This is why adults of all ages seek clinical care to regain intimate vitality.

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