Beautiful skin is something to behold. As we age, we may forget what it feels like to love what we see in the mirror. We garner plenty of lines and creases to go along with memories and wisdom. Why not use the wisdom we gain to develop a great skin care routine that can help us peel back the hands of time. Even better, why not get a head start on our anti-aging by working with Mother Nature? Here, we discuss how chemical peel treatment is a great solution for nearly every cosmetic concern that shows up on the skin.

Chemical peels are customized skin treatments, each designed to address a unique set of concerns. One of the benefits of peels is that, through their action on the skin, they can improve several aspects of this large organ. For example, while your primary goal of a peel may be to reduce the signs of sun damage, you come away with more softness and reduced pore size. This is possible because each chemical peel treatment stimulates the release of dead and damaged skin cells. These nonvital cells clog pores and create a blanket over the epidermis that diminishes radiance and softness.

Acne Problems?

People with acne are sometimes nervous about applying anything new to the skin. Doing so may cause inflammation or an acne flare-up. Not so with a professionally performed chemical peel. In fact, chemical peels can be very beneficial for the person who struggles to manage acne-prone skin. The customized treatment containing salicylic acid or another mild ingredient can target existing acne and also help reduce the frequency and intensity of breakouts. Acne scarring may also be lightened over time with regular chemical peel treatment.

The Chemical Peel Process

Chemical peel treatment begins with a thorough skin care consultation to determine the best type and strength of peel. After the skin has been cleansed, the provider applies the chosen chemical solution to the skin. While the liquid formula sits on the skin and permeates the uppermost layers, the client may feel slight tingling, warming, or stinging. This should not be painful. The solution is left on the skin for a designated period, usually just a few minutes, before it is removed and the skin is cleansed again.

Over the course of a few days to a week, the skin goes through a cycle in which the dead and damaged cells slough off. Some people may have peeling, and some may experience only flaking and some dryness. During this time, it is necessary to strictly avoid sun exposure and excessive heat. The provider may suggest specific skin care products to use while the skin is healing and potentially more sensitive.

Why Chemical Peels Are Beneficial

We could recommend a peel for just about anyone. This treatment is versatile, gentle, safe, and effective. Light chemical peels can be performed as often as every 4 weeks to promote ongoing benefits. The exfoliation that occurs after a peel doesn’t just smooth and brighten the skin, but can also support an uptick in the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, two vital chemicals for youthful, resilient skin.

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