As frustrating as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging are, the signs of aging aren’t limited to the face. And yet, this is the area that we most often focus on. This could be a mistake. Without proper care, the aging neck may become a problem overnight. It doesn’t really, but it can feel like it. The skin and muscles across the front of the neck are aging all along, we just don’t see it – until we do. Here, we discuss why neck bands develop and what we can do to correct them so our neck looks as youthful as our face.

What Are Neck Bands?

Horizontal lines on the neck occur for the same reasons we get fine lines around the mouth and creases around the nose and eyes. With age and the loss of collagen and elastin, vital chemicals in the skin, firmness and stretchiness decrease. The neck is also an area where muscles are often in use. The platysma muscles are thin, vertical chords that contract when we tense the neck or extend the chin forward. The continual use of these muscles affects how the skin folds. These folds initially disappear when the muscles relax but, when collagen and elastin decline enough, they become permanent.

Preventative Tips

It may not be possible to completely avoid neck bands. However, certain habits can keep them at bay for many months, maybe even many years. First and potentially the easiest way to postpone the onset of neck lines is to wear sunscreen on the neck every day. The face, neck, and chest are some of the most exposed areas and are thus prone to sun damage. Sun exposure breaks down collagen, which causes premature aging, including neck bands.

Neck bands that relate to muscle movements may be put off by taking care to avoid unnecessary bending or straining of the neck. The most common way that we bend the neck is through our cell phone use. Our prolonged use of technology that has us looking down, folding the neck skin, is the source of the term “tech neck,” and is something we can control through postural changes. This may not be as easy as applying sunscreen, but it’s worth a try!

Neck Band Treatments

Neck bands don’t have to be an enormous cause for concern. With early and consistent treatment, the aging neck can be well-maintained without surgery. Some of the easiest treatments for neck bands include:

  • Botox or Dysport. Neuromodulators reduce neck bands by relaxing the platysma muscles that cause them. Treatment takes less than half an hour and can last for 3 to 6 months.
  • Dermal fillers may be used instead of or as a complement to a selected neuromodulator. These products reduce the appearance of wrinkles by plumping the skin from underneath. The effects of dermal fillers can last well over a year.
  • BBL Forever Young and MOXI treatments help the body renew the skin naturally. These convenient treatments stimulate tissue regeneration at the cellular level so, while results may take a little longer, they can also last much longer than injectable treatments.

How Many Treatments Will It Take Before I See Results?

Your treatment plan will be devised wholly around your skin and your desired outcome. To acheive rewarding results, you may need just one treatment using select injectables like Botox or dermal fillers. You may need two or more BBL or Moxi treatments, depending on the extent of sun damage or signs of aging you wish to correct. We’re here to help you find the ideal treatments to eliminate the neck bands that are aging you! Contact us with your questions or to schedule your consultation today!

How Often Do I Have To Receive Treatments To Maintain My Results?

The frequency of your visits will depend on several factors. As an example, however, you might expect to return every three months to maintain the improvements achieved with Botox or Dysport. Dermal fillers may last approximately one year, depending on the product selected for you, and BBL or MOXI may be repeated a few times each year to continue promoting smoother, more youthful skin.

How Do I Know Which Neck Band Treatment Is Right For Me?

Our team of nonsurgical treatment providers has considerable training and experience in our various therapies. To help you understand how we can best address your cosmetic goals, we will begin by performing a thorough consultation and evaluation of your areas of concern. Based on our findings, we can explain which treatment or treatments can achieve your desired improvements, how they work, and what to expect.

How Should I Prepare For My Neck Band Treatment?

You may not need to take significant precautions before your visit for neck band treatment. Generally, we advise patients to avoid unnecessary sun exposure and to protect their skin by wearing broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every day. Your provider may also suggest that you avoid taking aspirin and other anticoagulants (blood-thinning) for a few days prior to your appointment. If you have questions about how to prepare for your neck band treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Is There Any Recovery After The Treatment?

For the most part, our nonsurgical neck band treatments do not require any downtime for recovery. You may have minor activity restrictions for 24 to 48 hours after a treatment, but you can return to most of your normal activities right away. This is especially true of injectable treatments. BBL and MOXI treatments may cause some temporary redness and warmth in the skin. You may look sunburned for a day or two. MOXI treatment may also cause some sloughing-off of old, tired skin cells. After treatment, it is important to be gentle with your skin and to keep it moisturized and protected from the sun.

Are Neck Band Treatments Painful?

We strive to make your treatments as comfortable as possible! Treating your neck bands, our team will use the smallest needles for injections. If you receive BBL or MOXI, you may experience slight discomfort as energy targets the tissue deeper beneath your skin. Talk to your provider ahead of time to discuss what you can expect and whether or not you may need a topical numbing medication applied to the area before your treatment.

The neck area can give away your age no matter how much time you spend rejuvenating your face. Contact us at (385) 388-8600 to schedule an appointment at our Salt Lake City med spa.

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