A woman’s body undergoes so many changes over time that she may feel the consequences without realizing their origin. It is important to talk about the effects that hormones, pregnancy, childbirth, and aging have on every aspect of a woman’s life. When we understand the issues at hand, we become better equipped to manage them. At our Salt Lake City med spa, we are proud to help women wanting more of their feminine selves back through comfortable, effective FemiWave® treatment. We’ll introduce you to this treatment here.

Love Your Love Life Again

The reason that feminine rejuvenation treatments are popular is because women want to feel like themselves, their best selves, regardless of their age. FemiWave treatments can facilitate this by stimulating vaginal tissue regeneration that:

  • Increases natural vaginal lubrication.
  • Strengthens the vaginal wall muscles, which can reduce urinary incontinence.
  • Enhances the sensitivity of the vaginal area and external genitalia, which can result in more frequent, more powerful orgasms.

How Does FemiWave Work?

Each FemiWave treatment delivers low-intensity sound waves, or acoustic waves, to the vaginal area through the external genitalia. The treatment is completely noninvasive, but sound waves travel through tissue to stimulate tissue regeneration and increased circulation within the vaginal lining. To make the session comfortable, the provider applies a topical numbing cream to the inner and outer labia 30 minutes prior to beginning the procedure. Each session may take about an hour, and we typically schedule 6 to 12 appointments to achieve the most significant tissue remodeling possible.

In addition to being noninvasive and convenient, FemiWave also offers the benefit of no downtime. Patients may resume all of their normal activities the same day as their appointment, including sexual intercourse. Some patients report a noticeable difference in their sexual health after their very first treatment.

As more research has been conducted, we’ve come to recognize the value of a healthy sex life for men and women of all ages. Without some assistance, the vast majority of adults struggle in this area of their lives. Treatments like FemiWave make it easier to once again feel confident and satisfied, not only in the bedroom but in all facets of life. To learn more about FemiWave feminine rejuvenation, contact our Salt Lake CIty at (385) 388-8600 and schedule your consultation.

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