Imago Medical strives to be the superior cosmetic medical experience for its clients. Dr. Berrett’s philosophy is to treat each patient with the same standard we would want given to our own family. And we strive to create an atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome and respected as an individual trusting us to help them improve themselves. Our commitment to excellence is total, and we are confident our staff and treatments will reflect this to everyone we serve.


Imago Medical has two areas of focus, aesthetics and sexual wellness. The journey to creating the best version of yourself has never been easier with our personalized aesthetic consultations. Our staff will go over all of your goals, personalizing a tailored plan to achieve what you envision for yourself. Reversing the clock on your skin from head to toe, and protecting against future signs of aging. Our Neograft hair restoration uses providers with over ten years’ experience, giving permanent confidence to men and women. Neograft not only restores hair loss to the scalp, but can be used for eyebrows, beards and scars from previous scalp procedures as well.

The sexual wellness offered by Imago Medical surpasses all other options available. Dr. Berrett is the only physician in Utah licensed to perform the Platinum Procedure for male enhancement. Trained by the physician who patented the procedure ten years ago, Dr. Loria, there is now an option for men to gain permanent increased size and confidence with a penile enhancement that is non-surgical and increases size by stimulating the body to produce more connective tissues, providing a natural increase in girth. For women, we offer the most advanced vaginal treatments that will tighten and rejuvenate the vaginal skin and glans, as well as sexual function and stimulation. Our sexual wellness packages offer couples a way to improve intimacy not found anywhere else in Utah.

It is our goal at Imago Medical to address the aesthetic and intimacy needs of all of our clients and allow them to envision the personal goals they want to achieve, and partner with us to turn those goals into reality.

Meet our Cosmetic Specialists at our Utah Medical Spa


Founder and CEO

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COO | Clinic Director

Marketing Director / Male Enhancement Consultant


Master Esthetician


RN - Nurse Injector

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Master Esthetician

Lead Medical Assistant

Master Esthetician

Educator | Master Esthetician

Nurse Practitioner

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